Kenneth Bowen-Keogh
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This memorial website was created in the
Memory Of  My Son,
Kenneth Joseph Bowen-Keogh
 who was born in the Bronx, New York City on
Jan 23, 1982
and went to heaven on
August 07, 1999
at the age of 17.
We will remember and love him forever.
Kenny was only 17 when he was using a commonly used "shortcut" and was hit by 2 cars.
Now there is fencing around the park
that Kenny crossed from,
And there is a fence in the
middle devider of the highway.

Hopefully there will be no
"Shortcutting" there ever again.
As an adult I wish I knew of the shortcutting sooner, As a Mother all I could do was help to get fencing installed so another parent don't
suffer the same loss...
The Mention Of My Sons Name
May Bring Tears To My Eyes,
But It Never Fails To
Bring Music To My Ears...
If You Really Are My Friend Please Don't
Keep Me From Hearing The
Beautiful Music Of His Name...
It Sooths My Broken Heart
And Fills My Soul With Love...
"Send Down Your Angels Lord,
To Those With No Hope,
With no shepherds to guide us
When We Cannot Cope...
Send Down Your Angels Lord,
From Heaven Above,
And Please Send Us Your Blessings,
With More Of Your Love!"

by Clay Harrison
"The Heart Has It's Own Memory, Like The Mind,
And In It Are Enshrined Precious Keepsakes...
Into Which Is Wrought The Givers Loving Thoughts."

~H.W. Longfellow~

"No person is ever truely alone,
Those who live no more, Whom we love,
Echo still within our thoughts,
Our Words, Our Hearts...
And what they did,
And who they were,
Becomes a part of all that we are,
~Richard Fife~

Tributes and Condolences
ps71  / James Mcnally (class mate )
I remember when we were taking a class trip not sure were we were goin but they sat us in the front of the bus and told us that we had to sit there so we didn't get sick.......I don't ever remember geting sick in a car so I didn't no y but it was fun...  Continue >>
You Are My Son & My Angel   / Mom
Dear Kenny,
  I wish you were here so I could touch and hug you,
I miss you so much that there are no words to describe this feeling
of emptiness when all I have are pictures of you...
I wish I could see what you would look l...  Continue >>
I still remember and think of you often   / Kara Rendon-Weisbaum (His sister's friend )
Your memorial page is lovely, Kenny.  I think you would be proud of your mom for the wonderful job she has done.  I know your family loved you a lot and miss you everyday.  May God bless you and keep you.  I hope Cathy and Buffy a...  Continue >>
Happy St Patricks Day my Angel Kenny   / Judy Of Charles
for kenny   / Michele Demeo Bonsangue
your always in my thoughts  / Michele Bonsangue (friend of his dear mother )    Read >>
for you  / Nancy Davis     Read >>
I Love You 4ever Kenny  / Mom     Read >>
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