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Fencing Oct.1,1999
We started to move forward to get fencing on the highway and park right next to the highway where Kenny and many others crossed (taking a "shortcut" to Roberts Ave.) Daniels Mom Hilda (Daniel also lost his life taking the same shortcut as Kenny did, Daniel lost his life Dec.25.1998).
Today The Fence went up on the highway between middletown road and roberts avenue.We of course are hopeing to get the dot to extend that fence.
Passed away on August 07, 1999 at the age of 17. Saturday Night...
Kenny came from to me from Heaven at 12:52 on a cold January Saturday Morning and went left me to go back to Heaven at 10:52 on a warm August Saturday night...
"You never said "I'm Leaving",
 You never said "Good~Bye",
You were gone before I knew it,
And only God knows WHY"...
Aug. 12, 1999

Today was The Mass and burial of
My Sweet Angel, My Son.
Kenny's Mass was at Saint Teresa's church.
"Danny Boy", "Amazing Grace" and "A closer walk with thee" as well as a few other songs were sung.His Eulogy was said by his sister Eileen
A Portion Of  Kenny's Eulogy
At Saint Theresa's Church
Thursday August 12,1999 Was
Written And Said By Kenny's Sister "Buffy"
Eileen Bowen Keogh...
"One Of Kenny's Favorite Quotes Was From The Play, Les Miserables.
That Quote Was;
"To Love Another Person
Is To See The Face Of God".
Through Kenny, I, And Many Of Us Here Today, Saw The Face Of God.
Since He Was A Little Child,
Kenny Was Always Willing To Love,
To Forgive,To Be Kind To People.
He Saw The Beauty And Strength In People,
And He Often Showed People Those Qualities In Themselves.
He Possessed A Magnificent Courage,
And Yet Gentleness Of Spirit.
He Was Passionate,Sensitive
And Brilliant.
Kenny Touched My Life And,
Since The Day He Was Born,
Made It Brighter.
He Loved So Many Of Us;
He Was So Filled With Love,
He Could Never Run Out.
Kenny Showed Me God.
I Thank Him And Love Him
And I Will Miss Him Forever...
I Miss You Kenny,
I Love You

Our Preist Spoke The Words From The Song
"If I Had Only Known" by Reba McIntire
Many of Kenny's Friends were there,
All of his family were there.
He was buried with his Uncle Kenny and Cousin Joey.

January 23, 1982
Born in the Bronx, New York on Saturday January 23, 1982
At 12:52am
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