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Hope,Dreams and Love-Memories Of Kenny  

My hope, of course,and Kenny's dream, was that his "Legacy" would be that he would have lived a long life, had many children, a wonderful wife, owned a restaurant, traveled many places, loved and been loved by many...  Instead, the legacy is that he is, and always was, and always will be loved, and he loved many.  He also leaves a fence around a park and on a highway (where many said, "they won't put fencing there"), for the safety of all teens who come after him and who might be tempted to "take a shortcut", as well as many adults who can no longer take that same "shortcut."

He also now has a nephew who carries the name Kenneth (meaning "handsome") as his middle name.  My son leaves behind many friends, family and a sister, as well as me (I am Ken's Mom; Kenny's Dad passed away shortly after Kenny on 11/8/99), who all love him very much; his memory will live on in wonderful memories we all share with each other and with those who never met him.

Memories of his humor, his kindness, his intelligence, his nicknames -- Fidget, Cuzin Ken, Pace, Beau (only his sis & mom called him beau>bo).  Memories of times shared with him by his family & friends -- those are now precious memories that we cling to.

And LOVE, lots of love...

"Kenny taught us to love, to not be afraid to show that love; he was never afraid to hug someone -- guys & girls -- he taught us it was okay to show affection for each other," said Kenny's friends, Harry and Raynor.

Fun:  as most teenagers, Kenny loved to have FUN.  But even Ken's friends would say, "He relished it," although he was never silly about how he behaved, he did love being the "class clown" even when he was not "in class."

His sensitivity and kindness for animals as well as people:  he would stop to help anyone;  there were no strangers to Kenny, just friends waiting to happen.  Basically not very shy, but sometimes very quiet, and sometimes very LOUD.

He loved hangin' out with his friends, but he also loved hangin' out with his sister.

I was and will forever be very proud of my son Kenny.  Even though I only had him for a very short time, TOO SHORT, I thank my lucky stars
that he belonged (and forever will belong) to me.

"And I Believe That Angels Breathe,
And That Love Will Live On And Never Leave"

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